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Ultra Armoring & Defense

Provides Custom Capabilities and Armor Solutions for Defense, Interagency, and Commercial Platforms

The industry leader in armoring vehicles with ballistic protection ranging from hand gun standard (CEN-B4) to high powered rifle protection like the 50 Cal. (CEN-B7 and STANAG protection levels). What sets us apart from others is our capacity to provide our customers with superior protection, utilizing ground up designs with the latest in technology, while providing you complete traceability down to the heat lot and plate number.

Our customers include USSOCOM, USMC, North American and International OEM's, security industry, government agencies, and the Department of Defense. We have over a decade of combined armor fabrication and survivability design experience and have gained a reputation for quality manufacturing with on-time delivery and professional expertise.

We can be a prime, but we also do contract manufacturing:

Secure facility RESET/SLEP
MRAP Construction Equipment Material Handling
Field Service Rep

Design Built From the Ground Up

Our experience in dealing with the nuances of unique armor components as required by the U.S. Military has honed our skills and positioned Ultra as the complete armoring source.


Prior to armor design, our skilled technicians carefully remove the entire vehicle interior. All parts are then inventoried and stored in a coded, on-site, secure, dust-free compartment.

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Engineering & Design

As part of Ultra's rigorous routine of measurement and design, digital data is transferred to our expert staff of CAD designers. Custom armor patterns are then digitally built into a 3D model.

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Measuring and Quality

Using state-of-the-art technology, our technicians replicate the vehicle interior. A highly precise FARO arm develops an exact digital blueprint of each shape, panel and bend.

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