At Ultra Armoring & Defense, we have the capability to bring your older machines back up to speed through a combination of refurb or modernization.

The Military Reset program, originally administered by the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM) was designed to reverse the effects of combat stress on equipment. Ultra Armoring & Defense has expanded these types of efforts to commercial (OEM) equipment too, be it line build or cell build options.

Our RESET process extends the life of a Military or Commercial vehicle to a "Like New" condition. We'll run a complete test on the vehicle, then repair and replace any mechanical. electrical and physical concerns the vehicle has.

UAD Assembly

UAD Assembly

Major combat and stability operations both CONUS and OCONUS are placing tremendous demands on all-wheeled vehicle equipment. Amid the constant demands of continued use, the equipment is constantly aging. Equipment fleets are aging quickly so to help maintain their operational effectiveness and be prepared to deploy when needed, the end user must ensure that their equipment is returned to optimal condition, or "reset," after just a few years of use. This effort is a huge cost saving measure vs. repeatedly buying new.

With our MODERNIZATION process, we can take your machine and make any enhancements to that machine you're looking for.

With our full staff of ENGINEERS we have the capability to do any design work that you need for the machine or we can built to print through the drawings you already have in place.

Our MANUFACTURING capabilities include all aspects of cutting, welding, and bending. We have top-of-the-line equipment housed in our 227,000 square foot facility including one of the largest CNC Precision Press Brake machines.

The 110-acre secured facility here at Ultra Armoring & Defense allows for us to work using LINE BUILD (assembly line style) or CELL BUILD (built in one area with the same people). This gives your project the proper dedication it deserves while being conscious of the timeline.

Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) is an initiative fostering research and applications development for a series of technologies directly linking road vehicles to their physical surroundings, first and foremost in order to improve road safety.

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